Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) are a highly regulated and effective retirement vehicle. We know all the rules and will help you comply so that your SMSF funds do not become non-compliant and taxed at the top rate.


Regardless of whether you are using BGL SF360, Class, Xero we do the following:

  • Reconcile the bank accounts
  • Do the bookkeeping to ensure everything is always up to date.
  • Prepare the Quarterly and Annual GST Returns
  • Prepare the Annual Accounts
  • Prepare the Tax Return
  • Prepare the Member Statements
  • Prepare the regulatory requirements – rollovers, notice of intent to claim a tax deduction, pension minutes etc
  • Monitoring your contributions and pension payments to ensure compliance


We make sure we cover everything so you do not need to.

We do not conduct superannuation audits but can put you in contact with a different organisation that does

We take care of every smallest paperwork involved and fund filling. We do more than simple tax returns. Rather, we are more focused towards offering all-around assistance with required interim reporting and queries. Besides, we also help you comply with and understand the requirements.


Other Services we Provide