Who Are We

We are an 100% Australian owned, Melbourne based, accounting and tax outsourcing company. We have decades of Australian accounting and taxation experience. Our aim is to help Australian Accounting firms reap the key benefits of outsourcing.

Our mission is to make outsourcing easy, efficient and reliable. Our team in India specializes in Australian taxation and accounting. We offer outsourcing on a ‘per job’ basis or a dedicated resourcing model.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients. We take pride in building relationships with our clients. We are hands on setting up the business process flow for successful outsourcing.

We know what it takes to be successful in this industry and we look forward to helping you.



Benefits Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing with us gives you access to fully qualified accountants specialised in Australian Tax law. You get to focus on what’s most important for your business.


Reduced Costs

Save up to 70% on employment costs

Business Growth

Free up your time to grow your business and scale up your staff resources to suit your needs

Expert Support

Have access to expert outsourcing advice. We have experienced the journey from the perspective of an Accounting Firm and know what it takes to make outsourcing a success

Flexibility and Availability

Access staff resources when you need them and don't pay for them when you don't

High Quality Tax Work

Get access to fully trained CPA Accountants specialised in Australian Tax Law

What can we help with

We believe that outsourcing should work around your workflow and requirements.


The Process

Business Understanding

Think of us as your employee.

As part of the setup process we interview you to understand your systems and procedures. Remember we we follow your processes. If you want our advice for how other accountants are working we will happily provide it.

Our process

  1. We meet you face to face, via video or over the phone to understand the systems you use and your processes. This information will be the basis for our implementation plan.
  2. You will initiate the process by setting us up as a user in the same manner that you would set up any local employee, however we do not need access to any more than you would like us to work on.
  3. (Optional) we do the first small task/tax return for free to show you how we work.
  4. You allocate jobs to us the same way you do with existing employees.
  5. We do not store or copy any data on our servers – we use yours just like your local employees do. 
  6. We work on the job and complete it. If it cannot be completed because information is missing, we share those queries with you for you to send to your client.
  7. Once we have completed the job one of our senior Accountants review the job to ensure the quality. This review process is included in the prices quoted.
  8. We update your task list so you know the job is completed and you can send it to your client.
  9. We record the time used on the job in accordance with your processes.
  10. We work on jobs allocated to us on a first-in first-out basis unless you inform us of different priorities.


Full time dedicated employees or pay per hour

You can choose either engagement model or a combination of both to best suit your business

Full time dedicated employees

With this model, pricing is done on a full time (FTE) basis, where experienced employees work remotely full time for your organization.

Contracts can be cancelled with one month notice. When staff are on annual leave or sick leave they will be covered internally.


Why is this model good?

You save up to 70 % of your cost compared to a local employee. You don’t pay super, PAYG, sick leave or have to worry about the issues that come with local staff.

This model is significantly cheaper than our ‘per hour’ model as we are able to plan more easily.

$3000 per month + GST


Pay per hour (no commitment)

With this model you pay on an hourly basis and only for the hours you need. You do not need to give us any notice or commitment. 

There is no contract so you can just give us work when it suits you. We will just work through the list of tasks you have assigned.


Why is this model good?

You save up to 50 % of your cost compared to a local employee. You don’t pay super, PAYG, sick leave or have to worry about the issues that come with local staff.

If you do not have any jobs for us to do you do not pay anything. This model is good at the start of our relationship.

$27 per hour + GST


Infrastructure & Data Security


We are experienced professionals and your data security is critical to us. To provide the best security the staff working for you will only have access to your work when they are in their office and on dedicated laptops connected to a server.  Password access to the server is limited to the two owners of our Indian joint venture firm and encrypted for all other users.  The server acts as a gateway to your  Xero, MYOB, SF360 etc. systems and all passwords are encrypted.

Our Australian staff have no access to any of your data. The only people who see your data will be those employees working for you.

Our Indian Joint Venture firm is ISO 9001:2015 (QUALITY Management system), and ISO 27001:2007 (ISMS INFORMATION AND SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS) certified.

Software Knowledge & Expertise

We are experts in all the major accounting software packages used in Australia including Class Super, Xero, MYOB, BGL, ZOHO Books, Quick books, CCH, Now Infinity etc.

We know all the major software packages

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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business model